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Livewire Capital SPARK


Livewire SPARK - is the first product from Livewire Capital to take advantage of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) effective from April 2012. Livewire Capital have devised a range of investment opportunities which take advantage of EIS and now SEIS to deliver excellent returns from early stage companies in the software technology market to individuals who are able to take advantage of UK taxation EIS and SEIS allowances.

SPARK has been designed and constructed at a time when higher rate taxpayers have a greater reason than ever to seek tax relief, while also investing in a product capable of providing a strong return and offering a portfolio approach away from the turbulence of the financial markets.

In keeping with our usual money and management investment strategy, Livewire Capital are partnering with games development company Lucid Games and web application development company Together Digital to provide incubation, mentoring and proven world class software and game design expertise to our portfolio companies.

SPARK is an SEIS Structured Investment Portfolio prioritising capital preservation while yielding a minimum return of 20%

SPARK is designed for high net worth individuals who pay higher rate income tax in the UK and are able to take advantage of their annual SEIS entitlement in association with this investment.

In the event of losses across all of the portfolio companies SPARK will still make a minimum return to the investor of 120% of the initial investment (considering available tax benefits for a higher rate taxpayer).

In the event of one of the investments successfully commercialising, SPARK will make a further return on investment between years 3 and 7

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Q1. How much can i invest?

The minimum investment is £10K and the maximum investment is £100K per individual and £200K per couple

Q2. When will i see a return?

We would expect to return 120% of your initial investment to you within 24 months of your initial investment, any additional returns will follow between 3 and 5 years of your initial investment

Q3. Why is this product targeted at higher rate taxpayers?

The product is designed to use the income tax relief available to higher tax payers to ensure that in the very worst of circumstance the product will return the minimum projected returns

Q4. What is SEIS?

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme exists to encourage private individuals to invest in qualifying based UK small and medium sized enterprises. It achieves this by offering the individual several generous tax incentives

Q5. Why a portfolio approach?

By investing in a portfolio of companies SPARK is able mitigate the risk of losses using the tax incentives and can also expose the investor to a higher likelihood of investing in a company with a very successful future

About Livewire Capital LLP

Livewire Capital is made up of a team of technology entrepreneurs and investors with over 80 years collective industry experience founding, funding, mentoring and exiting companies in the areas of games, music, telecoms and TV and film all with a strong cross cutting theme of software as a service

Since 2007 Livewire has offered a structured portfolio of software as a service companies for sophisticated investors to invest in. Our 2007 and 2008 offerings are currently performing well ahead of plan

Our money and management approach coupled with our low fee structure makes our offering and ideal format for accelerating the growth and yield of early stage technology companies, while affording the investor a fee structure that is amongst the most reasonable in the sector

We have offices in 2 strategic locations in the UK allowing us to acquire and catalyse our investments

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